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20 May 1988
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+Ethnicity: Cambodian
-Not a lot of people know who and where Cambodia(n) are/is
-I am VERY much into my culture
-In the process of learning Khmer scripture (the slowest process; teaching myself)
-I realllly want to learn how to dance robam (Cambodian traditional dancing), but it seems I am getting too old already =/
-During free time, I go and search as much as I can on Cambodia, its current issues and past
-I don't know enough about my own culture
-Going to get a master's degree on Southeast Asia; then get a master's on Khmer Literature/Culture

Tattoos are ABSOLUTELY wonderful creations.

Message me on MSN, I love it! But please talk =]
-I changed my MSN email, if anyone noticed, and yes, it... is slightly better.


I've finally gone to Cambodia. And gosh... it was beautiful

I write Dir en grey Fanfictions =D
-They're all in "Memories"